Spiritual Director: RT. REV. MSGR. ARTHUR B. STRENSKI, P.A

Honorary Chairman: REV. STANISLAUS J. KOLTON

General Chairman: Joseph H. Roman

Vice Chairman: Francis J. Poplawski

Treasurer: Stephen Rosinski

Auditor and Accounts: Leon Deets, C. P. A.

Director of Mailing and Filing: Willard C. Schriver

Mailing Associates: Frank DeLuca, George Kamalo, Jules Konieczka, Ignacy Konieczka, William Powers, Matthew Neimczura, Charles Piontkowski, Matthew Rog, Walter Smiglewski, John L. Smolka, Jack Steiner, Stanley Babiarz, Ray Roszkowiak, Joseph B. Swierczynski, (Also many others too numerous to list)

Special Speaking Assignments: Joseph A. Dynakowski

Acknowledgments: Francis J. Poplawski

Campaign Literature, Weekly News Stories, Bulletins, Placard Slogans, Signs, Souvenir Program: Paul P. Zachary

Plaques: Joseph B. Swierczynski

Publicity Fotos and Material donated by: Robert (Bobby) Lang

Banners donated by: Joseph B. Swierczynski

Banner Display, courtesy: Mr. and Mrs. M. Krajewski, Mr. and Mrs. K. Stepkowski

Portable Bulletins, courtesy: Shipworkers' Lodge No. 801

Index Cards donated by: Pomerantz

Sound Car: Willard C. Schriver

Radio Interview and Announcements: Joseph H. Roman, Willard C. Schriver

In grateful recognition for completing the arduous task of typing and filing, our sincere thanks to the Misses Theresa Borucki, Claire Drapinski, Rita Fronckowiak, Dolly Hart, Theresa Jaskolski, Mary Jaskolski, Jane Milewski, Marian Niemczura, Josephine Okulewicz, Anne Piontkowski, Claire Staszewski, Geraldine Steiner, Pauline Thomas, Phyllis Warchal, Dorothy Wielinski, Natalie Zmuda, and the Typing Class students of St. Joseph's High School. Also Theresa Jaskolski for compiling the contributors' list for the Souvenir Book.

A profound expression of gratitude to the following newspapers for the printed word that kept our drive alive: The South Jersey Weekly TRIBUNE, Polish Newsweekly GWIAZDA, The Catholic STAR HERALD, Courier-POST, and NOWY SWIAT. Also the executives of Radio Stations WCAM and WKDA for contributing airtime for spot announcements and interviews.

An acknowledgment of thanks to the Felician Nuns for their invaluable aid in organizing the Youth Parade, and to all the Grammar and High School students of St. Joseph's Schools who participated in the great neighborhood demonstration.

Our thanks to the many spiritual societies, civic and fraternal organizations for their splendid cooperation,. support and encouragement.


St. Joseph's Holy Name Society

--from the October 17, 1953 Souvenir Program

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