Second Impressions Last Revised: 24 May 2009

Michele Errichetti, Class of 1974

I remember my first day of high school and my biggest decision was, should I wear knee socks or stockings? I had never gone to a Catholic school before and a uniform was completely foreign to me. How do you accessorize a navy blue polyester suit? And being named Best Dressed in a Catholic school, isn't that an oxymoron or something? I never did find out how that was decided! I remember school dances in the cafeteria, cutting typing class, pulling the length of my skirt down when Father Rock was around, talking in the resource room to Mr. Toussaint and Mr. Mitchell, playing 3rd base on the softball team, Mrs. O trying to make me do a split and pulling a hamstring instead, screaming my head off at all the boys basketball games being in the middle of a fight at the basketball game against Holy Spirit in A.C. and seeing Father Rea punch someone at that game, driving to school senior year, all three blocks, I could have walked there faster. St Joes' will always hold an important place in my heart as I am sure it does for lots of us! It is nice to see this site to preserve those memories!

Terry Vogt, Class of 1972

"I had an absolutely wonderful set of high school years at St. Joe's...memories that will last forever...such great ones that my own children have always been in Catholic School...the best foundation for a fast-moving, ever changing world. I met John Schaal there and June 7th, 2000 we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary--we have two wonderful children... Sandra Marie (20) a Junior at the University of Central Florida, majoring in Microbiology, vice-president of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority and Captain of the University's dance team for football and John Jr. (14) a freshman at St Thomas Aquinas High School, defensive tackle--freshman football. John's career as a Secret Service Agent has moved us to Washington, D.C. and now Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I cherish the 20 years of my life that I spent in Camden and St. Joseph's elementary and high school...Proud to be a Bison alumni."

Nick Frese, Class of 1975

"Nobody on the baseball team will ever forget Mr. Litwa's explosion at the Camden Catholic game (not sure if it was '74 or '75). Litwa had a "slight disagreement" with one of the arbiter's calls, and he also had a history of bad blood with this poor guy. Litwa gets into a very heated discussion with the ump, with full animation, as the team sits on the bench trying (not-too-successfully mind you) to stifle our laughter. Litwa has his say, which is quite considerable and very colorful, and then turns to head back to the bench. But his temper gets the better of him and he suddenly turns back to this guy and screams at the top of his (ample) lungs, 'YOU STINK IN BASKETBALL AND YOU STINK IN BASEBALL!' Bang! He's tossed, and then goes on for at least another 10 minutes nose-to-nose with this guy as we just fell about the bench. I think I almost broke a rib trying to hold in the laughs! And to make a perfect ending to the story, Litwa goes out to deeeeeeep centerfield and sits on a bench beyond the fence -- and runs the team from there for the rest of the game!"

Frank Piotrowski, Class of '68:

"Remember George Plocharski always used to say he was 'gonna get you birds'?
Remember when Joe Pierzynski found a roach in a cafeteria meatball sandwich?
Remember Namu the Killer Whale?
Remember when Kwap cried and told us his mother still loved him?
Remember when Al Fatale blew up a beaker full of catalyst in Chem lab?
Remember when Sister Amadea grabbed a hot bunsen burner and burned her hand?
There's a heck of a lot more--it's someone else's turn!"

Francis "Mike" Baker, Class of '69:

"I am alive and well and living in L.A. Tired of the cold, I took a powder in the blizzard of '82, and only come back to see my brother Ted, Class of '65, and [sisters] Kathy '67 and Rita '71. I am running my computer consulting firm and fishing the coast. My fluent Spanish comes in handy. Last year I did a gig in Mexico. Thank you Sister Potentia! Yes, folks, I am still writing."

J. Stephan Warchal, Class of '63:

"I enjoyed the German classes given by Mr. Lux. He was my German teacher for two years and was also my Russian language teacher for one year. I thought Mr. Lux was a good German language teacher. I actually got to a point in His class where I could converse in German. He was such a kind and gentle Person. He would take groups of us to The Camden County Old Age Home in Blackwood to visit the lonely residents there."

Frank Snock, Class of '71:

"I remember my homeroom in the mechanical drawing room--it was located behind the girls gym almost detached from the school. Our homeroom teacher was none other than Erwin Lux ('Herr' or 'Herrless'). I remember him always pointing with his middle finger."

Lenny Bandoch, Class of '79:

"I was in the Last Graduating Class in 1979. I still live in Fairview between the gunshots. I loved my school and the puke green walls in the cafeteria. June of 1979 was a very sad time around the halls, but we all knew we were part of something special. I still have Courier Post articles about the Final Days, and frequently look through old yearbooks. I can go on forever...I miss my school, but have many wonderful memories. Thank you for starting this page!!!"

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